The Los Leos Texas Mile Adventure

The Los Leos Crew took a visit to the Texas Mile in Goliad.  We were hoping for 200 MPH.  The Texas Mile is a old 8,000 foot runway in south Texas.  (more info at We got there on Friday night and set up the pit.  We stayed at the Best Western in Beeville.  Up at day break, we took off for the track.  Since the bike had been teched Friday night, all we had to do was gas it up and get in line.  The fuel we were using was VP C16.  

Our first run was to be a easy shake down run. David went through the clocks at 162 mph, in fourth gear. We had more boost than expected, 16 pounds and we didn't know why.  We adjusted the shifter to make it easier for David to shift and went to make another run.  A 170 mph speed was the result.  Boost was down and the plugs were rich.  We changed jets and it netted a third run of 129.  David had shutoff early because he did not see the mile marker which had blown down.  We got with the NASA personnel and put the mile marker back up.  David made another run, 174 mph.  The motor was still running too rich.  Glenn made the next run, 155 mph.  It was getting late and we needed to retorque the head and adjust the valves.  That was all the action for Saturday.  We did get to visit with David and Linda Beverly.  Milton Tepe was with them and he gave us his perspective on the problems the bike was having.

We decided on a game plan of enriching the intermediate jet and leaning out the main jet.  Our first run on Sunday was 172 mph.  We made a adjustment on the boost screw and away we went to run again.  176 mph was the result but we needed more boost so we closed the waste gate completely.  Since the motor was reving better, we also changed the gears.  We ran a 179 mph blast, we were on the right track but the plugs still looked rich.  Run # 8 was 178 mph and still rich.  After a jet change, we ran 184, plugs still rich,  On the tenth run we went 191 mph.  One more jet change and we ran 193 mph.  Plugs looked abought right and the motor was able to rev so we changed gears again.  Run #13 was a 196 mph blast.  The clutch started to slip between the gear changes.  It was very late and we didn't have time to change the clutch so David made his last run, a 193 mph trip down the pavement.  Glenn got a second run a 181 mph pass, his fastest yet.

Well the racing was now over and it was time to relax.  We made some new friends Carrie and Jessica Miller from Victoria.  They had taken an interest in the bike and hung around helping out.  Jessica has a Firebird she has been working on, it's a nice ride.  We packed up and headed back to Houston.  Overall, we had a great weekend.  Can a CBX go 200 mph......hell yes!!!!!